About Us


SHANGHAI INCHUN SPINNING & WEAVING CLOTHING EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.  is a well-known manufacturer of laundry ironing equipment, and it is one of  the most uses our machines in China. Our company have been in this industry for 20 years, and we will keep on providing efficient, practical, durable and high cost performance products with focused and professional spirit.


We focus on production, and has a group of high-quality management personnel and manufacturing worker, with modern factory and flow production line for assembling spare parts and finished products. We also have a number of advanced production and processing equipment and quality testing equipment. The core components are all made by ourselves. Using advanced management software system for daily production management and strictly follow and carry out international quality system to manage production operation procedure.

Company products have passed the certification of international and domestic authorities such as CE and ETL. And our company has received international standard certificate and many patents in China. All the glory of our company demonstrated that we keep on improving product quality. Each product is carefully crafted.


Inchun takes research and develop, producing as the main body, and our products not only gain a larger market share in China, but also has been gradually recognized by dozens of countries abroad.


Always in the pursuit of creative product design, safe and durable product quality and efficient product performance, integrity and practical price, sincere and good customer service, our company philosophy is to create value for customers, for users, for employees, and for the company, also for the society.

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